1-wire relay/sensor, 2 channels ( DS2413P chip )

Expansion board for relays or digital sensors on 2 channels. The device serves to create the infrastructure of a control system based on a standard for data transmission from Dallas Semiconductor Corp . The device is based on DS2413P chip and includes the following elements: 1-wire bus driver, contains an anti-jamming circuit on the bus, a 5V-0.5A power supply for connecting power relays and sensors. The 1-wire bus - twisted pair with RJ45 connectors are pressed according to the ethernet cable standards. Transmitted in two pairs supply voltage from 9 to 15 Volts (nominal voltage is 12 Volts) for powering other network devices and works in two pairs directly 1-wire bus. The circuit diagram of the device and the principle of operation will be discussed below.

The device may be configured:                                                                                    

  • two relays ( any of the three types of relays )
  • one a relay and one a digital input module
  • two digital input modules

There is a mount to the DIN rail on the back.

Relay modules:

  • A standard relay module from China 5V or 3.3V
  • A triac relay module 220 V, (60 W without a radiator / up to 1500 W with a radiator)
  • An universal module - digital input or solid state relay adapter, contains a field for a custom electronic circuit

Device Connection Map

+12V - 2-pin contacts on the terminal block, serves both to supply voltage to the device power line, and to remove the power supply + 12V on remote devices. Depending on the configuration of the system, you can have several power supplies +12V, jumpers are used for these purposes 12V IN and 12V OUT , with these jumpers you can connect or disconnect the corresponding outputs RJ45 to supply voltage +12V.

Shild - terminal block for connecting shielding braids of RJ45 CAT5 cables, terminal block contacts are closed to each other, but not connected to a common bus of the device, it is recommended to ground the cable shield on one side of the long line.

1-wire bus for connecting other 1-wire devices (temperature sensors). The device implements a protection scheme against interference. Contact terminal + 5V designed to supply power for 1-wire devices (DS18B20). Voltage is supplied through a protective diode, the load current must not exceed 200 mA.

5/3.3-A and 5/3.3-B jumpers that set the supply voltage for standard relay modules from China, for channels A and B. Jumper closed - + 5V, open - + 3.3V. For relay modules on the triac, the jumper must be closed; for universal modules, the jumper can be both closed and open, depending on the conditions of use of the module. Power supply of the internal circuit, to turn on the solid-state relay, is used power supply +12V.

PULL-UP resistor a jumper that connects or disconnects the 4.7 kOm resistor to the 1-wire bus, this depends on the conditions of use of the device. For example, if you use a controller based on the DS2482S-100 chip with dynamic bus pull-up as a 1-wire bus master, then this the jumper does not need to be closed.


IN and OUT are outputs whose designations are conditional. Twisted-pair connectors are crimped according to ethernet cable standards.                                                                                    

568B - orange and blue - 1-wire, green and brown - +12 Volts, all others with white - common wire.
568A - green and blue - 1-wire, orange and brown - +12 Volts.