General scheme of building a system "Simple Smart Home".

The diagram shows the principle of connecting and using of the main components of the system: 1-wire controller and 1-wire extension module . This scheme implements the minimum from possible functions of monitoring and controlling the heating system in the house. Water flow and electricity sensors allow you to implement the functions of protecting the home from abandoned open cranes and unconnected consumers of electricity. The controller allows you to organize several PID controllers, so you can organize several independent zones temperature control in the house.

Important features of the system:                                                                                                    

  • 1-wire bus reliability
  • autonomy of work (does not depend on Internet services)
  • rich functionality
  • technical support (auto-update controller firmware when connected to an Internet connection)
  • low price

Now, the protocol for the joint work of several controllers in one segment of a Wi-Fi network is being debugged, each controller is an equal in relation to each other, each controller receives information about all connected sensors and actuators neighboring controllers.

Further development of the project will go along the path of creating slave devices on the 1-wire bus and creating new functions for executive devices.